Legal Assistance

Do you have a legal problem and do not know where to go for help?

LawAccess NSW is a great starting point for Veterans and their families who have a legal problem in NSW and who need legal help.

What is LawAccess?
LawAccess NSW is a free government telephone service that provides information, referral and in some cases, legal advice.

What can LawAccess do to help me?
LawAccess has Customer Service Officers who can:
Give you legal information; put you in touch with other legal assistance services for more help; and in some cases, arrange for one of LawAccess’ lawyers to provide you telephone legal advice.

What kind of legal problems can LawAccess help me with?
LawAccess can help with a number of legal problems including:
debt and credit matters, family law, neighbourhood disputes, fines and traffic offences, employ-ment law, criminal law, domestic and family violence, consumer law, motor vehicle accidents and planning ahead (wills, powers of attorney, enduring guardianship)

When can I get legal advice from LawAccess?

You may be able to get legal advice from one of LawAccess’ lawyers if your legal problem is suit-able to be discussed over the phone and you meet LawAccess’ guidelines. In particular we assist customers:,

    • In regional and rural NSW
    • Who are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
    • Who have a disability
    • Are from a culturally and linguistically diverse background who have an urgent legal problem

How do I contact LawAccess?

You can call LawAccess on 1300 888 529 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).
Does LawAccess have information online?
Yes. LawAccess’ website allows you to search for information about your legal problem or question about the law at any time.
It includes LawAssist that provides help to people who have a legal problem in NSW and who are representing themselves in the Local Court.

It explains legal procedures and forms for Local Court cases.
LawAccess NSW is a joint initiative of the Department of Attorney General and Justice, Legal Aid NSW, Law Society of NSW and the NSW Bar Association.

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